Beachbody Shakeology vs. Body By Vi

Well — here it is!!! The third manifestation of this blog post!!! I have a confession to make — like a lot of “bloggers” out there I used to have a comparison chart posted here, trying to compare Shakeology and the Body by Vi Vi-Shape shake. At the time, I was a Beachbody coach and was promoting Shakeology. Then, I started seeing how much weight people were losing with the Vi-Shape Shake and the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge. Obviously, it works! I don’t like to “knock” ANYTHING that helps people live healthier lives because, in the end, I’m more loyal to PEOPLE than to a PRODUCT! Another thing I noticed about a lot of the “comparisons” out there is that most of the bloggers hadn’t even TASTED the other shake, much less had any real experience with it to give their comparison any real credibility. I’ve used Shakeology for almost a year — it’s a great product and a great shake. It helped me lose a lot of weight. It’s very healthy! If you are using Shakeology and love it — more power to you! That said, I have an open mind and wanted to try the Vi-Shape shake. I’m not so product-loyal that I feel like I “owe” any particular company or brand my business if something better comes along. I want to use whatever is going to fuel my body the best, and keep me at optimal health! Now, having “switched” to Visalus for the last three weeks — I have no intentions on switching back!!! I feel better, I have more energy, and I’m getting even leaner! That said — with the HUGE list of super foods on Shakeology I needed some sort of explanation! I did my research… WOW… now it makes sense!!! See my video here for my reasons, and what I learned!

1.  The concept of bioavailability.    Bioavailability basically describes how much of a particular nutrient is available to be absorbed by the body based on what the body needs, and is capable of absorbing, at any given time.   None of the “comparison” charts between these products tell the whole story.   While you can amass a huge list of ingredients, and make it LOOK more healthy to the common consumer, the reality is that your body will only absorb the nutrients it’s capable of absorbing at any given time!   Because Shakeology is recommended only once-per-day, no matter how impressive the ingredients list is, your body actually will discard most of it.   Since the body metabolizes your nutrients every 4-6 hours, with a one-shake-per-day program, like Shakeology, you are only really fueling your body for a small portion of the day, and your body is passing a lot of those rich and EXPENSIVE nutrients that it can’t absorb in one sitting!

2.  Proven research.  While the list of all natural “super foods” in Shakeology is impressive, the research on these ingredients is somewhat lacking.   Not only is the nutritional benefit of many of these foods disputed, but in some cases the potential harm that some of these ingredients may or may not cause your body over time is simply unknown.   The research behind the ingredients in Vi-Shape is less controversial, and backed by more research and study to establish that it’s safe.   While some people want to criticize the Vi-Shape shake for including sucralose (splenda)– in reality, Sucralose has been proven safe in over 100 peer reviewed studies.   Further, the Vi-Shape shake contains less than .007 g of sucralose — you’d have to consume 30 shakes to equal the amount of sucralose found in a single Splenda packet!   Stevia, on the other hand (which is in Shakeology) is actually being reconsidered in terms of safety by some researchers.   The jury is still out regarding how safe it is when ingested long-term.

3.  COST.   With Shakeology at around $4.00 per shake, and the Vi-Shape shake at around $1.85 per shake, the Vi-Shape shake is far more affordable — and actually saves people money when they can replace meals at only $1.85.   Most meals cost a lot more than that!    Also, with the three-for-free referral program, people can get the Vi-Shape shake, or any of the challenge kits, for free!   Their card isn’t even charged!

4.  Flavor.  Taste is subjective, of course.   While Shakeology has two (soon 3) flavors, the flavors with Shakeology are very strong, and the recipes have to really work within the confines of those flavors.  The Vi-Shake shake has a cream flavor, that tastes like cake-mix.   It’s a neutral flavor that can be used with a number of recipes to taste like anything you like!  Plus, if you like, you can get flavor packs (a sampling of them come with every order anyway) that each have the own added health benefit!

5.  The protein quality!  The tri-sorb protein blend used in the Vi-Shape shake (patented formula) actually removes the isoflavins from the soy protein (removing any concerns some people have with soy regarding hormone imbalance), and has removed the lactose from the whey (so it’s better for lactose intolerant people), and specifically engineered to absorb into the muscles far more efficiently than standard Whey.   Thus, you can consume fewer grams of protein, with a greater result!

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